4-D-1: Wikis in My Classroom

I think using wikis in the classroom is a valuable resource. I particularly like using wikis as a classroom website. It allows students to be active members of the classroom community. It provides parents with a view into the classroom on a daily basis. This provides them the sense of belonging to the classroom community as well.

Activity 4-C-1 was learning experience that I enjoyed. It was challenging to learn the format of the wiki, but with practice it did get much easier. The discussion tab made it very convenient to discuss ideas and suggestions before making changes to the group project. The discussion tab really allowed for more collaboration. I really enjoyed being able to collaborate from home and my convenience. It was nice being able to bounce ideas off of each other at just a click of a button.

Using wikis in the classroom is a Web 2.0 tool that I can easily incorporate into my classroom. If I take small steps, I do not believe I would encounter any resistance. Giving students, parents, and faculty valuable information about wikis will make the transition smoother. Allowing them to see the benefits will help everyone see how useful they are to the classroom environment.


3-D-2 Social Bookmarking Plan

Option B

Another first grade teacher and myself work hand-in-hand on a daily basis. We have very similar teaching styles. Our philosophies on education are extremely similar, therefore, our classrooms are structured alike. Every Monday, after much time is spent lesson planning on Sunday, we review the outlook of our week together. Not to my surprise, we tend to find similar teaching ideas through blogs, Teachers Pay Teachers, and other online resources. We then share our ideas and jump into our week. I plan on using social bookmarking with her. This will allow us to create a group and access and share each other’s bookmark. This summer, our goal is to understand and develop a plan to incorporate the Daily 5 into our classroom for the start of the new school year. I will begin by creating a Daily 5 group where her and I will bookmark valuable resources, blogs, and articles. This will be a great way for us to communicate through the summer and be on the same page when we start the new school year.

3-B-2 Learning via RSS

Because I teach first grade, my RSS feeds are primarily going to be to enhance my teaching and learning for the students. During this course, I have discovered a handful of blogs that I have found such great ideas that I would have never thought of on my own. I have found blogs of teachers who devote so much time updating their blogs with relevant learning activities that correlate with my curriculum. Following these blogs through RSS feeds will save me so much time and effort. It will help put all of these blogs in one place for me. This will allow me to quickly access all of the newest content on my favorite blogs. As an educator, this will enhance my teaching career because I will be left with all the latest and greatest ideas.

Blog Comment

Click here to view my blog comment on this animal science report.

Or you can read my comment below:

You did a wonderful job! Your illustrations are very vibrant and beautiful. You included all key information that children need to know when they are learning about butterflies. I found your amazing facts to be very interesting.

Here is a link to my blog were I discussed how useful I found your blog of your science animal report!


Blogging in Science Class

Instead of having students create traditional paper and pencil research reports, this teacher had her students conduct research on animals in science class and then blog about their findings.  The classmates now can access the reports at anytime to learn about many different animals.  I believe the students did a fabulous job creating blogs that included valuable scientific information and vibrant illustrations.  I find it extremely responsible that the teacher is teaching them at such a young age how to site references.  This teacher is surely creating life long learners through technology.  My students love science, blogging about something they find interesting can certainly enhance student motivation.  Blogging about our findings in science is something I can do in my classroom.

Click here to view the science blog!


The Beginning

As a teacher, I would love to accomplish the task of determining what Web 2.0 tools would be most beneficial and effective for my first graders. I would like to be able to differentiate between tools that have meaning and those that do not. I also want to be able to create valuable learning experiences for my students using Web 2.0 tools that will force them to be successful problem solvers and out of the box thinkers.

I would like to find tools that will enhance the learning environment for my students. I want to teach my students how to work collaboratively. I would love for the children to take pride in group work where they can interact by sharing ideas, giving feedback, and evaluating their own progress.

I envision myself using these new technologies to enhance my classroom setting. Whether it be giving my students the opportunity to interact more with each other, or even with others through a virtual field trip. I want to give my students real life experiences that will help them become critical thinkers. I also envision using these technologies to enhance my communication between the parents and myself.

This starts the beginning of a new classroom…..