7-A-1: Big Shift 2

Big Shift 2: Many, Many Teachers and 24/7 Learning

Big Shift #2 explains that as our access to content grows, so does our access to other teachers. The Read/Write Web allows us to connect and collaborate with countless amounts of people. Teachers are using these connections to transform their classroom, teaching methods, and to create real life experiences for their students. The big picture is that learning can take place anytime and anywhere.

This shift has affected my teaching practice. I spent 8 years teaching 6th grade. This year I made the transition to first grade. I had no idea where to start. I used the Read/Write Web to make connects with many other first grade teachers. The teachers shared their best practices through blogs, wikis, and pictures. These connections helped me begin my career in first grade. They aided me in the creation of my room décor, my lesson plan template, center activities, and much more. I have also been able to use these tools to create learning experiences for the students.

I strongly believe that these tools will continue to affect my teaching practices in the years to come. As more teachers jump on board and are willing to share, the more connections we will be able to make. This course has changed my views because it has forced me to experiment with tools that I would not have tried on my own. It guided me to learn how to use these tools effectively in my classroom. This course also taught me how many resources are available and how to continue to make learning real for my students through the use of Web 2.0 tools.


One thought on “7-A-1: Big Shift 2

  1. Jessica, I also have used the Internet to connect with other teachers when I transitioned from a computer teacher to a math teacher. I often wonder how I would have done it if it were only as few as 10 years ago!

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