7-B-1: The Paperless Classroom

Paperless Classes

A- How would a paperless class change your role as a teacher?

I believe the roles of teachers would shift in a paperless setting. The teacher would turn into a facilitator and they guide students through learning experiences. Because the students have instant access to information, the lessons could shift instantaneously. So a teacher in this setting must be flexible. The teachers would no long spend time lecturing, and students would no longer spend time taking notes. In turn, teachers become collaborators with the class.

B- How would paperless classes change learning?

Learning will become instant! Students will now be able to access information anytime from anywhere. They no longer have to sit in the classroom to learn from the teacher. The learning process can continue and expand outside of the classroom. Paperless classes also make learning a true collaboration between many people.

C- How would you measure learning in a paperless class?

I would still be able to measure learning though formal assessments submitted. I could use rubrics to assign scores and give feedback. I can assess through discussions and creations of projects using media. Students can have their own learning portfolio where I can determine their growth.

D- Would a paperless space make it easier or harder to build a learning network?

I believe a paperless classroom would make it easier to build a learning network. Students can collaborate more then ever before. They would not waste time in class listening to lectures, instead they could be using tools to collaborate both in person and outside of class as well. Also students would be able to expend their learning network outside of their peers in the class. This is a huge advantage of a paperless classroom.


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